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Refinancing your student loans is an alternative for those in the repayment process. The problem that lies in consolidating or refinancing student loans falls in finding a bank willing to do this. It’s not an option at your local corner bank no matter how good of a relationship you have with the bank. It’s a very precarious situation, but it’s one many consumers wish to take on. Student loan debt is substantial, and it’s only growing as more graduates and leave college. Refinancing or consolidating your loans allows you to repay them on a more affordable level. The interest rates available for these loans are better in most cases, and you can better afford to live your life without worrying so much about your debts.

That leaves consumers wondering which banks do offer this kind of refinance program. It’s not just any bank, but there are six banks that do take the time to consider applicants looking to refinance their loans and enter the future with a little more excitement and the ability to better afford their student debts. These banks are your best bet for student loan consolidation and/or refinance.

Darien Rowayton Bank

This bank gets top marks because they finance 100% of loans for lower rates and more affordable payments for their clients. The bank does require the people who want to refinance their student loans are an alumni of either a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree program. Those who take out student loans do not graduate college need not apply for this type of loan.


This bank gets high marks because they offer consumers a very flexible repayment plan that works with their own schedule. They also allow their consumers to choose the length of time in which they can afford to repay their loans. You can choose to pay for your loan for 5 years or 20.


This is a bank that refinances or consolidates private or federal student loans, and it’s one that anyone who has an undergraduate or graduate degree can take advantage of. The rates are low and the benefits numerous, and there are no origination fees on any loan through this bank. Consumers enjoy working with this bank because the savings they receive. The bank advertises an average of more than $300 in student loan savings.


What makes this bank stand out from the rest is the fact you can apply for a refinance or consolidation loan in as little as 7 minutes. There are very few things you must do to qualify other than have a good credit score and have a degree. Bachelor degrees, graduate degrees, and even Parent PLUS loans are all eligible to apply for a loan with this bank. The bank contacts you immediately to discuss with you what you qualify for and how you can make it work for you.


This is a bank that’s funded not by the bank, but by community members who want to partake in a specific type of lending. There are more than 300 lenders available through this program, and each one considers those with lower credit and imperfect credit. Applying for a loan through this company keeps your credit score safe, and you have a higher chance of being approved for a loan through this company than with any other lender based on the peer-to-peer lending.

Citizens Banks

There are no fees associated with this type of consolidation loan or refinance. This bank has a program in play that allows their consumers a chance to save more money in the form of a bonus when they apply for a loan. The rates are low, the savings are significant, and the customers of this bank are always happy with what’s offered to them.

There are several options for people to consolidate private and federal student loans through different banks. It’s not always simple to get a loan for a student loan consolidation or refinance, but these banks do make it easy. Be sure you have the qualifications to apply for a loan of this nature, and send your application to the bank as quickly as you can. It’s a simple way to find money when you need it most to help you save.