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Everyone wants to have cell phone service from a provider that they feel is the “best.” The problem with trying to figure out which provider is best is that best means different things to different people. Desirable cell phone characteristics fall into five categories: pricing, products, customer service, service quality and features. A big cell phone company could be the best for one person and the worst for another. However, the following are some of the best carriers under the various categories. An interested person can sift through this information and find the best option to choose for personal service:

Inexpensive Service: Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless knows how to help consumers to make the most out of their cell phones and their dollars. The company offers a wide range of plans that start at about $5 and go all the way up to $90 a month. The $15 plan allows the consumer to use cellular service for phone calls and Wi-Fi connects for data. The other plans offer a specific amount of cell data, with the $90 plan offering up to 10 GB per month. All of the plans have unlimited talking and texting on them. Furthermore, Republic Wireless offers some of the most popular phones on the market and uses Sprint’s reliable service.

Deliverer of Quality: Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has always been the master of high-quality reception and premium goods. It still holds its name tightly. The company received first place in a contest that TopTenReviews had for its amazing service. Verizon has an inventory full of the cream-of-the-crop cell phones. The plans are easy to understand. The customer must pay a monthly fee for phone service and a separate fee for data. The prices may be on the high side, but it’s worth it if the user can complete calls without screaming, “Heh?”

Wide Variety of Phones and Payment Plan: T-Mobile

T-mobile not only has a wide variety of cell phone options, but also it allows its customers to obtain a cell phone and maintain it by simply making small payments each month. Moreover, the company’s service is starting soar beyond belief. It’s 4G LTE is now something to be rivaled. No one has to go without a mobile phone with this company. Another impressive thing about T-Mobile is that they include all monthly taxes and fees in the price that they give their clients. No customer has to be unpleasantly surprised by a bill that doesn’t seem to know how to below.

Customer Service: AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless may only be number two for quality, but it is number one for customer service. The workers greet people immediately inside of the physical stores whether it is busy or not. Phone representatives are truly concerned about resolving issues for customers, as well. Another thing that is positive about AT&T is that it offers a large inventory of cell phones. The company has very good reception, as well. It provides some strong competition for Verizon Wireless.

Features: Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is good for the features and the way the company treats the customers. The company provides its customers with a discount on their service if they pay for it faithfully. Customers can get $5 off of their monthly bill. That may not seem as if it is much, but it can help immensely. Boost also carries a variety of phones that customers love to pieces.

Deals: Credo Mobile

Anyone who is searching for a deal will appreciate Credo Mobile. Credo Mobile offers amazing deals to people who are not afraid to switch from their current providers. They can receive massive discounts on the phones they choose and their monthly bill. Credo Mobile puts it all on the line just to say to its customers, “Thank you.” Credo has been around since 1985 and follows the old-school contracted cell phone service model. Consumers can take advantage by taking Credo’s offer to supply them with inexpensive service.

You should be able to find something worthwhile in this list of generous providers. keep looking, and you will find what’s right for you. And if your looking to sell your cell phone to replace it with a new one then here’s an option.